NCRI Exposed Secrets Of Regime’s Nuclear Program

On November 7, 2014, the National Council of Resistance of Iran revealed new details regarding the Iranian Regime’s nuclear program.  The information that supports nuclear weapon experimentation has been secretly ongoing.  Global leaders have been suspicious of the Regime’s secret nuclear activity, and with the discovery made by the NCRI, there is additional information as evidence that can confirm suspicions.

According to Iran News Update,

“The chambers were to be used for special tests, particularly for high explosive impact as part of the nuclear weapons program of Iran,” the report explained.
Lending further credence to this interpretation of the tests, the NCRI report highlights the secretive nature of the projects, which were overseen by a division of the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, or SPND, which the NCRI previously identified as the government agency in charge of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

In a recent OpEd published by U.S. News, written by Maryam Rajavi, she describes why its a mistake to think Iran will be an ally in the fight against the Islamic State group.  Additionally, she says that the idea of the Tehran and the West coming together to form a common enemy is naive and dangerous.

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